Home Exterior Trends for 2020

If the approaching start of spring has you dreaming of new beginnings for your house, you’re not alone. This is the time of year when many homeowners make a list of all the home improvements they plan to tackle over the spring and summer. These projects may boost curb appeal, increase home value, or add much-needed space, but perhaps most importantly, they all breathe new life into an old home. Since we know you can’t wait to get started, here are three exciting trends in home exteriors for the new year.

Low Maintenance

Let’s face it, weekends aren’t long enough to begin with. But once you subtract all the hours spent on keeping up with your home exteriors, there’s not much me-time remaining. As a result, homeowners are now employing building materials that require very little maintenance. It’s great news for lovers of vinyl siding and stone veneer. Both surfaces are extremely durable and relatively hassle-free. Vinyl and stone siding each should be inspected and washed at least once a year, but all exterior surfaces require that much.

Certainly, neither siding material will cause you many grunts or groans, but be prepared to elicit some oohs and aahs. And we should know. At Schaefer Exteriors, we specialize in stone veneer and vinyl siding. So, give us a call if you’re considering making a change around your home. We carry only the finest materials and our siding installation teams are among the very best in all the Mid-Atlantic.

Dark and Bold

Neutral hues like beige will always have a place in a home, but that place is indoors. In fact, things will look pretty dark in 2020. Deep and bold shades of black and blue are now dominating color schemes, with dark, rich tones like burgundy and charcoal also in demand. Black trim and accents on light-colored homes have been popular for some time, but you’ll be seeing more dark-on-dark layering moving forward. Muted earth tones of deep brown and green also are in style.

Going Green

The interest in earth tones is indicative of the overall trend toward green living. Homeowners are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration in home design, with organic elements like natural wood and stone siding becoming especially popular. Roofs are being constructed with skylights and solar panels, and the most fashionable building materials will be those that are all-natural and biodegradable. Eco-friendly living is also about reducing one’s energy consumption, so expect to see more smart technology in outdoor accessories and lighting, as well as greater interest in the tremendous energy savings that come with installing insulated garage doors.

If you’re interested in creating a new look for your home, Schaefer Exteriors is here to help. We carry a variety of siding materials and we’d love to have the opportunity to discuss which ones might be the perfect fit for your home. And of course, don’t forget about our Clopay insulated garage doors. They are the most durable on the market and you’ll have to see it to believe the amazing impact a new garage door will make on your house.

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