Halloween Home Decorating Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Halloween Decorating Safety Tips

Decorating your home exterior this Halloween? Don’t forget these basic safety tips!

More and more homeowners are celebrating the spirit of Halloween in much the same manner that they do during the Christmas season. We’ve noticed homes decorated with tombstones, lights, spooky accessories, and even fog machines lately! If you’re one of those homeowners who love to show off your Halloween spirit, it’s worth keeping some essential decorating safety tips in mind. Here are some things you should be aware of both during the fall as you dress up your home exterior for the holidays.

Check Your Wires and Cables

Electrical lights are a classic staple of Halloween and holiday decoration, but they can be very dangerous if not handled properly. One important thing to check before hanging them up is to inspect the wires and cables. Fraying and cracks are bad signs, and you should replace any strings of lights that are too worn down. Similarly, ensure that every light socket has a bulb to minimize fire hazard risk. Place all cables in low-traffic areas of your landscape and be certain that lights are not touching any highly flammable parts of your home.

Check the Underwriting

All electrical decorations will be marked for usage by the Underwriters Laboratory, or UL. Check the tag to make sure your decoration is approved for your planned usage. A red UL mark indicates that the item is safe to use both indoors and outdoors, while a green UL mark means that the item is only safe to use indoors.

Hang and Plug-In Properly

Never use nails to hang strings of lights to your home exterior. Instead, use specially designed safety clips which do not penetrate the protective plastic of the wiring. Finding enough outlets to plug your decorations can be challenging, but never compromise on your home’s safety. Use outdoor, heavy-duty extension cords for outdoor decorations, and don’t overload them by plugging in more than three sets of lights per cord. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are highly recommended for outdoor decorations as they will cut power whenever there’s a sharp difference in current that places your home at risk.

Stay Physically Safe

Don’t walk on your roof – not only is this unsafe, but it can also lead to leaking and other costly roofing damage later on. Keep all ladders and decorations away from live power lines, and make sure that your ladder is grounded securely before climbing.

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