Choosing the Right Roofing

choosing the right roofing

Choosing the right roofing is important.

Choosing the right roofing is a critical element of your home. Go beyond just the basic thinking about color and style. Finding the right roof to best protect your home against the ravages of Mother Nature is the key. In this blog we’ll review some ways to go about choosing the right roof.

Choosing the Right Roofing for Rain and Hail

Rain and hail can easily damage a roof. Fortunately, most roofing manufacturers have a category for this type of precipitation. Impact resistant roof shingles can deflect and withstand rain damage and especially hail damage. Wind and sleet often accompany rain and hail; these shingles can resist the effects of wind and sleet as well. Hail damage has become increasingly common, to the point where homeowner insurance companies have begun requiring the use of impact-resistant roof shingles.

Choosing the Right Roofing for Heat

Remember, choosing the right roofing isn’t just about protecting your home from bad weather. Scorching temperatures can damage your roof and your home just as easily as freezing temperatures can. Intense heat can cause roofing materials to deteriorate faster. Your utility bills will also suffer as your air conditioning will have to work harder against all the extra heat. Solar reflective shingles are designed to turn away the sunlight.

Choosing the Right Roofing for Algae Streaking

Algae streaking may seem like an unusual problem for roofing. As strange as it seems, algae can grow on roof shingles. Humid or damp areas of North America are particularly prone to algae growing on roofs. While ugly, algae streaking doesn’t actually harm your roof. The real harm comes from what algae growth does to your property value.  However, you are in luck. If you have this problem, manufacturers have a solution. Look for shingles that are infused with copper. The copper helps slow the growth of the algae. Algae resistant shingles will be marked with an “AR” in their names, so be aware of that. But you should also be aware that warranty coverage for algae is inconsistent. So keep that in mind when shopping for coverage, and the shingles themselves.

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